Chicks - Single

by Pink Boogers

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released June 8, 2015




Pink Boogers Grand Rapids, Michigan

A loser and his friend in his parents basement.

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Track Name: Untitled #1
In 1950 the lizard men stole the mind of L. Ron Hubbard and created scientology. In 1963 the attempted to over throw the U.S. Government, by killing the president. In the 90's they brainwashed our youth with pop punk and techno. This music is to fight back against the lizard men. Fight!
Track Name: Chicks
This one girl dated all who I knew
It wasn't to long, I dated her too
When I finally got her to couch
She put a finger in my butt and I said ouch
She said what, not the backdoor
No wonder the said she's a wannabe whore
After that I got on with my life
Sniffing glue and riding my bike

My parents asked, "why'd you call her a whore?"
Cause she is one

Don't fall for it man, its all a trick
She'll steal your heart and own you dick
Now man don't be a fool
Do you really wannabe that bitches tool

(Do it)
Track Name: J.L.E.T.I.D.
Jesus loves me even when I beating up nerd
He loves me even when I'm roofie-ing girls
He loves me even when I scream out swag
He loves me even through everybody else thinks I'm going to hell

Jesus loves me even though I'm a douche

Jesus loves me even though I'm a scene fag
I wear these t-shirts just because there a fad
Don't be talking shit about the bands on them
The cuts in my arms, they prove I'm loyal to them

Jesus loves me even though I'm a douche